Premium kitchen cabinet

Further improves the function and beauty of the kitchen.

"Comfortable, perfect" , thoroughly assisting you in your daily cooking.


Enameled Kitchen Panel 

Enameled Kitchen Panel

Eye Level Rack 

Eye Level Rack





Posting everywhere magnetic accessories 

Posting everywhere magnetic accessories

Select the right height

Selection of four different levels, to suit your individual needs.

  90cm 88cm 85cm 82cm
Having the right work surfaces for your height, makes meal preparation times more comfortable.
*height calculation excludes worktop

Enamel will remain smooth and beautiful for decades to come.

The surface is made of glass, so dirt never sticks and odors are never absorbed. Even grease can be wiped off easily with a wet towel.

Enamel is especially suitable for kitchen as it prevents dirt and moisture from entering and remains clean.

Takara Standard's high-quality enamel with glass surface repels moisture of all kinds. It is extremely heat resistant and non-flammable.

Since enamel is steel based, it is sturdy and long-lasting. Even after many years of use, it would not deform.

Magnetic partition

Create storage space in an easy way without having to drill any holes in the wall, by using magnetic accessories.

Magnetic partition can divide the area according to your needs, which helps you reorganize your storage space at any time.

Drawer System

The multi-layer design provides ample storage space. Drawers are fitted with an enamel inner layer which can be expanded in five levels. The space inside the cabinet can be effectively utilized.

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Eye Rack

Flexible height adjustment extends plenty of storage space. The shelves can be pulled up or down to access kitchen utensils at ease.

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Corner Cabinet

To make full use of the corner space, a corner cabinet and a triangle rotary shelve are equipped. These units provide excessive space to store and allowing you to quickly access movable items.

You can also include a storage wagon in your design to add more storage space to the kitchen.

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Utility sink E

Cut vegetables, washing, food preparation. Everything can be perfectly arranged with this practical 3D layer sink.

By putting a chopping board across the sink can expand the working space for processing ingredients

Set the cutting board at the assist space area to allows you handle seafood and other ingredients comfortably during the preparation process

After spaghetti is cooked one can use the drain accessory to remove water in the sink immediately.

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