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Premium kitchen equipment

Further improves the function and beauty of the kitchen.

"Comfortable, perfect" , thoroughly assisting you in your daily cooking.


Enameled Kitchen Panel 

Enameled Kitchen Panel

Eye Level Rack 

Eye Level Rack





Posting everywhere magnetic accessories 

Posting everywhere magnetic accessories

Select the right height

Selection of four different levels, to suit your individual needs.

Having the right work surfaces for your height, makes meal preparation times more comfortable.

*height calculation excludes worktop

Select door handles

In addition to recess handles, there are two beautiful designed handles available.

Enamel handles

Matching to the colour of the door panel.

Stainless steel handles

*The top layer of the kitchen cabinet is a recess handle

Anti-vibration lock 

When an earthquake occurs, the anti-vibration lock will automatically lock to prevent it from falling.

Soft close

Soft close enables a smooth closing


Kitchen Cabinet Colours

High Grade Series

LGB : Gloss Wood Dark

LGU : Gloss Wood Medium

LUN : Gloss Dark Blue

Pearl Series

LRB : Roche Pearl Brown

LRR : Roche Pearl Rose

LPK : Pearl Bordeaux

LRP : Roche Pearl Pink

LRI : Roche Pearl Ivory

LPW : Pearl White

Cool Color Series

LXB : Rosewood Dark

LXW : Rosewood White

Wood Series

LHQ : Hairline Black

LHI : Hairline Ivory

Warm Wood Grain Series

LCV : Silky Wood Beige

LCT : Silky Wood Graige

Standard Series

LSW : Royal White

Enameled Kitchen Panel

Art Design Series

ZE : Accent Leaf

DWH : Stone White

YWH : Wood Mild White

ZM : Mosaic

PW : Pearl White

MGN : Marble Gray

MBN : Marble Beige

SW : White

PIN : Pure Ivory

Marble Series

IDW : Dramatic White

ITW : Travertine White

ITV : Travertine Beige

Art Series

IMV : Mosaic Beige

IMG : Mosaic Gray

IAG : Emboss Style

Wood Grain Series

ISW : Walnut Ivory

IWN : Walnut Gray Beige

INB : Walnut Brown

IOV : Oak Natural



Choose from a number of easy-to-use components and multi-layer design to maximise limited storage space.


Adequate storage space makes your kitchen more tidy than ever.