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Maximise your storage space flexibly by using the magnetic accessories.

"Post everywhere" magnetic storage rack can be freely attached to the wall according individual needs

The "Post everywhere" magnetic shelf can be attached to the side of the washstand to extend the usable surface.

Hang a towel on the magnetic towel rack, so that you and your family can easily use. The position of the rack can be changed at any time without scratching the door.

"Post everywhere" magnetic accessories for every family member to have its own private space

Women are free to place all kinds of “post everywhere” accessories to create a dedicated space.

Neatly store the daily used cosmetics and accessories

Through the dual force of the magnet and the suction cup, the accessory can be firmly attached to the wall and will not fall.

※ The maximum weight of the accessory in the picture is 1.5 kg. Different accessory will have individual maximum weight indications.

The drawer partitions can be freely assembled to facilitate the integration of all kinds of utensils, so that you can become a "neat and tidy person"!

Different combination of drawer partitions can increase storage space, and various utensils can be placed neatly at a glance.

Concealed shelf

Simply stick the magnet frame at the back panel of the drawer door to make effective use of the space. You only need to open the drawer slightly to insert or remove any objects, like this you can reach your belongings swiftly.

Towel rack

Small towel hanger

Dimension: 150x60x50 mm
Maximum load 500g

Large towel hanger

Dimension: 350x60x50 mm
Maximum load 500g

Multi-purpose rack + towel hanger

Dimension: 350x60x120 mm
Maximum load 1.5 kg

Small storage rack + hook + towel hanger

Dimension: 350x60x80 mm
Maximum load 1.5 kg

Multi-purpose rack + hook + towel hanger

Dimension: 350x60x140 mm
Maximum load 1.5 kg

Storage shelves

Storage shelf (small)

Dimension: 150x60x55mm
Maximum load 1kg

Storage shelf (medium)

Dimension: 150x95x55 mm
Maximum load 1kg

Storage shelf (large)

Dimension: 350x60x55 mm
Maximum load 1.5kg

Storage shelf (small) + hook

Dimension: 150x60x80 mm
Maximum load 1kg

Storage shelf (large) + hook

Dimension: 350x60x80 mm
Maximum load 1.5kg

Multi-purpose rack

Dimension: 150x60x120 mm
Maximum load 1kg

Multi-purpose rack + hook

Dimension: 150x60x140 mm
Maximum load 1kg

Tissue Box rack

Dimension: 150x95x75 mm
Maximum load 1kg

Toothbrush rack

Dimension: 162x60x77 mm
Maximum load 500g

Aluminum shelf

Dimension: 290x111x71 mm
Maximum load 1.5kg

Multi-purpose shelf

Dimension: 390x150x88 mm
Maximum load 1.5kg