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Drawer System

Choose from a number of easy-to-use components and multi-layer design to maximise limited storage space.

The multi-layer design provides ample storage space.

Drawers are fitted with a enamel inner layer dividers which can be expanded in five levels.
The space inside the cabinet can be effectively utilized.

Enamel drawer

Enamel tray is very convenient.

A variety of small utensils can be placed in this way.

Magnetic accessories can be removed when required, though please take out the cutlery first.

Enamel inner slide

Trays and food boxes can be placed in the upper row for easy access.

Bottled spices and seasonings can be placed in the drawer below.

Enamel tray

Effectively utilize kitchen's empty space increases its storage capacity drastically. The enamel tray moves in and out quickly along with the drawer.

Enamel box

Open the door and place the storage box. 
Store cutting boards and other tools.



Storage box layout. The inside of the box is also enameled. This allows for the use of magnet type partitions.
Cabinet doors with child locks gives you a peace of mind.

※Sink cabinet (E SINK)


Front drawer

A small drawer is located in front of the sink, making your housework process more convenient.

Seasoning rack

Cooking utensils, bottle storage cabinet.

Tall cabinet series

Tall pull-out kitchen cabinets can store tableware and appliances or a large number of storage boxes.

Equipped with a beautiful hidden door that allows swift closing. It can store household appliances, garbage bins, storage boxes, etc.

Commonly used appliances can be placed in the middle. Enamel fronts are installed at the top, bottom and back. The height of the shelves can be adjusted flexibly. No worry about any steam coming out of the electric cookers and other appliances, thanks to the enamel installed on all four fronts.

Food cabinet

Huge capacity available for storing food and grocery with this food cabinet. Matching the cabinet color to the door makes the kitchen design more consistent.

The height of the basket at the cabinet door is adjustable to make all the items available at a glance. Install the sliding drawer at the lowest row to maximise storage space.

Adjust the shelves according to the height of the tableware and install the sliding drawer in the lower row for convenience.