The charm of the inner enamel material

Since the enamel panel is composed of glass and steel, magnet accessories can be attached to increase the storage space of the home, and no more drilling will be required. Besides, one can place different accessories according to the age, height and interest of the child on the enamel wall to create a unique environment.

Use oil-based paint to write and draw on the enamel walls, which can be simply removed with water. The wall can be used as a message board or let the children be creative and enjoy the fun of graffiti.

Enamel wall is moisture and mildew resistant. Pet smell, dirt or mold will be kept away, leaving your home clean and dry at all times.

Enamel contains no formaldehyde or other harmful substances, so it is environmentally friendly and your family's health is protected.

Interior design cases - entrance and study area

There are times where you like to collect albums, times where you like to do music or enjoy a cup of tea. With the "Post everywhere" magnetic accessories, you can easily adapt to the atmosphere of your choice. Be your own designer and transform the space as you like without having to drill any walls.

Those who like music can display the collection of recordings and guitars on the walls and share the joy with your soul mates.

The fishing gear is neatly placed on the magnetic shelves, so that you can take the fishing gear with you anytime.

The baseball and football fans are eager to decorate their own space.

Placing different sewing equipment on the wall will turn it into a lovely interior design. Hanging ironed clothes on the wall prevents them from wrinkling.

Utilize magnetic shelves to store notes and stationery neatly. Books can be placed vertically for easy access.

Express your individual creativity with any DIY decoration on the walls. At the entrance, you may hung up umbrellas and keys with the magnet accessories, which fully demonstrates the versatility and advantages of the magnet accessories for storage.

Living room ‧ dining room layout sharing

A home-made "Meal of the day" image can be affixed on the enamel wall next to the open kitchen area, illustration just like a restaurant. On the other end of the living room, you may place some stationery on the magnet accessories for easy access. Endless changes can be created with Emawall!

Give your home a complete new style by displaying different styles of paintings using magnet accessories on the enamel walls.

The magnets are attached next to the TV to display small ornaments and books for decoration. The remote control can also be placed on the shelf, neat and convenient.

Design sharing inside the bathroom

Magnetic shelves can be used inside the bathroom to display bathroom utensils in a neat and sanitary way. You may change to your favorite plastic bottles to build an integrated design. Putting a small potted plant in the bathroom can create fresh air and gives you a peace of mind.

The towel can be hung up on the magnet hook for easy access; When washing your face, you may place the glasses on the magnet accessories without staining the lenses.

Let the children be endlessly creative with the enamel wall

You can write and draw freely on the wall, and you can let the children be creative with magnets. Oil-based pens and small items can be stored neatly inside the magnetic storage rack.

Even oil-based pen markings on the walls can be easily wiped off with water. After installation of the enamel wall, it becomes a giant canvas for children to draw on freely.

Emawall – a must have for families with pets!

Emawall interior panel prevents the smell of pets from penetrating the wall and keeps the home dry. Any pet and cleaning supplies can be placed on the magnetic shelves neatly for easy access.

Emawall is applicable for every corner inside your home to provide you a comfortable living space!

What is Enamel?

Walls can be kept beautiful and clean with this enamel interior panel.

Emawall Interior Panel Accessories

Emawall can create an unique and comfortable environment for you.