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High-color LED lights

High-color LED lights leave your skin tone more natural and even. Suitable for makeup.

High definition mirror is equipped with two vertical built-in LED lights. The light evenly illuminates the face and body. Light illuminates the face from the front, leaving no shadows on the face. Suitable for makeup.

Mirror cabinet

A multi-grid cabinet can be found inside the vanity mirror. The shelves of the face clear mirror are adjustable to create a neat private storage space.

Socket inside the mirror cabinet

The mirror cabinet has a built-in socket which allows you to charge your electric toothbrush.

Middle mirror

A middle mirror is installed above the counte, creating a spacious area which is suitable for children's height.

*Only applicable to ELEENA flat counter
  Face clear mirror Stylish Triple Mirror Triple Mirror (wide LED) Triple mirror Double mirror Single wide mirror Single mirror with storage space Single mirror
高亮度鏡 時尚設計3面鏡 3面鏡 (寬LED) 3面鏡 2面鏡 單面大型鏡 單面鏡(帶鏡箱) 1面鏡
Ondine only for flat back counter only for flat back counter
High-color LED lights          
Anti-fog coating
Mirror cabinet    
Socket inside the mirror cabinet    
Middle mirror            

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