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Emawall Interior Panel




Bathroom / Toilet 

Bathroom / Toilet

Living room 

Living room



Children\'s room 

Children\'s room

Flat type

This type of enamel panels are joint together with flat joint trims by using simple adhesive material. This can be easily affixed to the wall and greatly reduces installation costs.

Steel plate thickness is 1.3 mm

There is a 2 mm joint between the panels, which needs to be covered with a seal. (plastic or stainless)

Bend type

By using the embedded principle, the interior panels can be tightly connected, which greatly increase the fine-looking space.

The overall thickness is 14.5 mm

Enamel can be customized according to the actual size of your home. Custom size range - Width: 1050 mm or less, Length: 2700 mm or less

* Please check with our showroom staff for further details about the design of the printing.

New Direct Seal printing method

The advanced "Inkjet" technology allows you to customize the pattern and color and print it directly on the enamel panel to create an environment at your wish.

"Inkjet" Technology References

Interior Panel Color Variations

Wood Grain Series

ISW : Walnut Ivory - horizontal line

ISW : Walnut Ivory - vertical line

IWN : Walnut Gray Beige - horizontal line

IWN : Walnut Gray Beige - vertical line

ISU : Walnut Medium - horizontal line

ISU : Walnut Medium - vertical line

INU : Walnut Medium Dark - horizontal line

INU : Walnut Medium Dark - vertical line

INB : Walnut Brown - horizontal line

INB : Walnut Brown - vertical line

IOV : Oak Natural - horizontal line

IOV : Oak Natural - vertical line

IRW : Rough Saw White - horizontal line

IRW : Rough Saw White - vertical line

IRV : Rough Saw Beige - horizontal line

IRV : Rough Saw Beige - vertical line

IRB : Rough Saw Dark - horizontal line

IRB : Rough Saw Dark - horizontal line

Marble Series (*For Bend type only)

Brick Tile White*

Brick Tile Gray*

ITW : Travertine White

ITV : Travertine Beige

IDW : Dramatic White

IDG : Marble White

IDV : XX Seruantante

IDB : Chestnut Brown

IDQ : Himalayan Blue

Art Series (*For Bend type only)

Pearl Lace White*

Pearl Lace Blue*

Glass Emboss White*

Glass Emboss Ivory*

Wave White*

Textile White*

IMV : Mosaic Beige

IMG : Mosaic Gray

IAG : Emboss Style

IAQ : Stone Black

IFQ : Flower Orange

IFA : Flower Blue

Peal Series

PW : Pearl White

SW : White


What is Enamel?

Walls can be kept beautiful and clean with this enamel interior panel.

Emawall Interior Panel Accessories

Emawall can create an unique and comfortable environment for you.