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Create storage space in an easy way without having to drill any holes in the wall

To create storage space, it is often necessary to drill holes in the wall. Enamel kitchen panels will eliminate such trouble for you.

Use the "Post Everywhere" magnet accessories to change the kitchen atmosphere and expand the storage space at any time.

These "Post Everywhere" magnet accessories can also be attached underneath kitchen wall cabinets to increase storage space.

The inside of the kitchen cabinet is enamel, and you can also use the "Post Everywhere" magnet accessories to place kitchen utensils.

Use as a message board

Family members can leave a message for each other on the Emawall to harmonize their relationship.

You can write messages or shopping list on kitchen panels.

The enamel panel is easy to clean, and oil-based paintings can be easily wiped off with water; therefore, you can freely draw and write on the kitchen panels or use magnets to decorate.

Allows you to decorate for a birthday party or a festival, adding a party atmosphere.

Children can exploit unlimited creativity

Letting children draw on the wall and play with magnetic toys will inspire children's imagination and creativity.

Make good use of the magnetic storage rack to transform your kitchen with a personal touch
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Safe and reliable material

The enamel material is made of glass and steel. It is safe and reliable, and does not emit any harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It is suitable for families with children.

The wall is always smooth and bright, very durable


Grease or oil-based pens can also be easily wiped off with water, keeping the wall bright at all times.

It is the dream of every family to use high-quality enamel kitchen cabinets and panels.

When a new member joins the family, it will utilize a lot of your time to pursue a healthy and balanced diet. Therefore choosing the right material to enhance every corner of your home will definitely save the amount of spare time for your children.

You can magically change the style of the kitchen layout anytime!

Enamel kitchen panels can also be used in your current kitchens! As long as your kitchen walls are flat, you can attach the Takara Standard enamel wall panels to the wall. Magnetic accessories are ready to make your kitchen lively and modern.
  • The price of Takara Standard kitchen panels include enamel panels, white plastic trim and set glue.
  • Takara Standard kitchen panels must go with original factory offered double-sided adhesive sticker and glue to allow it firmly attached to the wall

3 colours are available for Takara Standard kitchen panels:

Pearl White
Mosaic Gray