What is Enamel?

Enamel originated as cloisonné, so long ago in history that it can be seen, still gleaming, on the mask of Tatankhamen. Strong enough to survive the ages, enamel is an ideal material .

Easy Clean

The surface is made of glass, so dirt never sticks and odors are never absorbed. Even grease can be wiped off easily with a wet towel. High quality enamel is especially suitable for bathrooms, as it prevents dirt and moisture from entering and remains clean.


A special material designed for better living. Ideal for "splashy" areas no matter at home or outdoor. Enamel contains no formaldehyde or other harmful substances, so it is environmentally friendly and your family's health is protected.

Heat Resistance

This high-quality enamel is processed at 850˚C, which bonds the glass to the metal and makes the enamel extremely heat resistant. It is also non-flammable, not deformable and therefore offers an exceptional level of safety. Moreover, it is a non-combustible material which complies with the Japanese Building Law.*(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport identified NM-2678)

Water Resistance

Takara Standard’s high-quality enamel with glass surface repels moisture of all kinds. It won't deteriorate like wood or warp, stain, mold or rust. It's unaffected by acidic and alkaline substances and stays clean all the time.

Scratch and Shock Resistance

The surface won't scratch, no matter how hard you scrub. The strength of this high-quality enamel lies in the superior adhesion between its metal base and glass surface. Even after we dropped a one-kilogram metal ball onto it from a height of one meter, the surface didn't crack. It will remain smooth and beautiful for you for decades to come.