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Design an elegant face-washing make-up table that makes you happy every day

Three different lifestyle dressing tables

Simple dressing tables

The beautiful combination of marble countertop and washbasin provides you a pleasant and versatile space.

Modular dressing tables

The modular dressing table allows you to relax while you are grooming, creating a beautiful and comfortable private time.

Hotel-style dressing tables

The spacious hotel-style dressing table will refresh your day and create a quality living space.

The basin is designed to match the height of the human body, bringing comfort and practicality

The design of the cabinet plinth can be tailor-made to match your height, so you will not bump your toes when washing your face or hands.

The space at the bottom of the washstand can be used to place objects such as scale.

Make full use of the space at the bottom of the cabinet, add drawers to increase storage space

The storage tray in the drawer can be removed for easy cleaning.

"Post everywhere" magnetic shelf creates a handy storage space

The bottom of enamel is made of metal. You can use different types of "Post everywhere" magnetic shelves to freely create an exclusive storage space.

A multi-grid cabinet can be found inside the vanity mirror. The height of the shelves are adjustable to create a neat private storage space.

Your belongings can be sorted inside the drawer at a glance, with the help of magnetic partitions.

Ingenious washstand mirror design

Eleena "Face Clear Mirror" is cleverly designed to take care of the needs of each family member.

High definition mirror is equipped with two vertical built-in LED lights. The light evenly illuminates the face and body.

Ordinary mirror

Evenly illuminated mirror

Ordinary mirror

Evenly illuminated mirror

High-color LED lights leave your skin tone more natural and even. Suitable for makeup.

Light illuminates the face from the front, leaving no shadows on the face. Suitable for makeup.

Washstand Colours

Stripe Series

EHQ : Hairline Black

Wood Series

EXW : Rosewood White

ECV : Silky Wood Beige

EXB : Rosewood Dark

French Pearl Series

ERI : Roche Pearl Ivory

ERR : Roche Pearl Rose

Pearl Series

EPW : Pearl White

High-Grade Artificial Marble Series

Q : Jewel Black

S : Jewel Silver

Acrylic Artificial Marble Series

H : Fine White

J : Fine Beige


Magnetic accessories

Magnetic shelves can be mounted anywhere on the panel at your own preference, very convenient!