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Eye Rack

Eye level rack

Flexible height adjustment extends plenty of storage space.
The shelves can be pulled up or down to access kitchen utensils at ease.

By the stove: seasonings and eggs .

Cooking area: tableware and small utensils.

By the sink: dish cloth and cleaning utensils.

Different shelf accessories enable a smoother cooking process.
Easy access to drawers.

Wall cabinet

The design of the door has a new closing system and the drop-down storage box Eye Rack can also be installed underneath.

When you lift the door, you can get the item. Even if the door stays open, it will not hinder your work.

※ Cannot be installed in the L-shaped corner of the kitchen cabinet or near the pull down rack.

Using a lifting cabinet is super convenient!

The items can be accessible at ease and one can also let the dishes drain inside.