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Utility sink E

Cooking becomes more handy

Cut vegetables, washing, food preparation. Everything can be perfectly arranged with this practical 3D layer sink.

The space inside the sink is no longer limited.One only requires to use different accessories to expand the working space by three times.

By putting a chopping board across the sink can expand the working space for processing ingredients

Drain excess water after washing the ingredients in the sink


Set the cutting board at the assist space area to allows you handle seafood and other ingredients comfortably during the preparation process

Set the sliding drain rack to drain the washed kitchen utensils conveniently


Use this layer to prepare vegetables as the ergonomical height design makes it easier and more comfortable to cut hard ingredients

After spaghetti is cooked one can use the drain accessory to remove water in the sink immediately.

Utility Sink E not only improves the efficiency of preparing food for the family, but also makes cooking a pleasure.

Three-layer sink for effective cleaning, cooking and preparation

The sink comes with a slag net, which prevents dirt to accumulate leaving it easy to clean.

Working space accessories

SK draining board

Assist space accessories

Resin cutting board

Synthetic rubber cutting board (Quick-drying and hygienic, no damage to the cutting blade)

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Draining rack (large)

Cleaning supplies and draining rack

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Small item rack

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Sink rubber stopper V

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