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Clean, comfortable and safe bathroom series.

The Takara Standard enamel bathtub is sturdy and easy to clean, providing you a comfortable and enjoyable bathing time.


Enamel has strong anti-scratch properties and one can easily wipe off any dirt, keeping the bathtub fresh and bright at all times.



High-quality enamel is three times as smooth as FRP (glass reinforced plastic), which will give you a more relaxed bathing time.

Perfectly insulated space

The ceiling, walls, floors and bathtubs of the Takara Standard bathroom are manufactured with good thermal insulation which ensures that heat is kept in and cold air out.

Thermal insulation

The bathtub has the special feature of storing heat for twice as long, thanks to its thermal insulation.

Temperature comparison after bathing

The bathtub keeps your body warm for a longer period of time.
*Based on the results of the Takara Standard test

Spacious area for wheelchair users

The spacious area allows the wheelchair to rotate and move freely, and can accommodate two people at the same time.
The bathroom is designed to be safe and secure, with a sturdy scratch-resistant floor that is anti-slippery; wheelchairs can access the bathroom safely and hasslefree as it has no stairs.

"Post everywhere" bathroom accessories

Magnetic shelves can be mounted anywhere on the panel at your own preference, very convenient!

Storage shelf (small) + hook 

Storage shelf (small) + hook

Shower hook 

Shower hook

Bathing supplies hook 

Bathing supplies hook

Large towel rack 

Large towel rack

Bathroom hook 

Bathroom hook

Bathroom Colours


JDQ : Himalayan Blue HD type

JDB : Chestnut Brown HD type

JNB : Walnut Brown HD type

JDW : Dramatic White HD type

JML : Grey Green Mosaic HD type

JMA : Blue Mosaic HD type

JAG : Mosaic Tile HD type

JSF : Waterfall Pattern HD type

MP : Elegant Marble

MD : Valles Beige

Wood Series

YK : Black Walnut

YM : Walnut Brown Medium

YG : Walnut Brown Light

YS : White Walnut

BI : Black Brick

HI : Beige Brick

CI : Grey Brick

YU : Wavy Beige

DW : Stone White

YB : Wood Dark Brown

YD : Wood Beige

YW : Wood White

Simple series

VK : Pearl Black

VB : Pearl Brown

VD : Pearl Beige

VW : Pearl White

PR : Premium Pink

HR : Premium Jade

DB : Dark Brown

W : Pure White

Art Series

ED : High Grade White Stone Pattern

GK : Gray-Black Geometric Pattern

GZ : Jade Mosaic

SD : Dark Grey Pattern

EL : Rose Mosaic

WL : Platinum Leaf

HB : Beige Pattern

DR : Premium Beige


Magnetic accessories

Magnetic shelves can be mounted anywhere on the panel at your own preference, very convenient!